TITLE                                                                           AUTHER


1 Revolver guide                                                             Nolte

2 A history of marksmanship                                           C C  Trench

3 Successful pistol shooting                                            F + P Leatherdale

4 Les armes a feu modernes                                          Cadiou + Richard

5 Guns and how they work                                             V Hogg

6 P38 Automatic Pistol                                                    G Gangarosa

7 Webley + Scott automatic pistols                                 G Bruce

8 Webley revolvers                                                          Bruce + Reinhart

9 The Colt d/a revolvers vol I                                           J Kuhnhausen

10 The Colt d/a revolvers vol II                                        J Kuhnhausen

11 The S+W revolver                                                       J Kuhnhausen

12 Handguns for self-defence                                         G Gore

13 The G/D firearm assembly / disassembly

      part 1 automatic pistols                                              J B Wood

14 The G/D firearm assembly / disassembly

      part 2 revolver                                                            J B Wood

15 The G/D exploded handgun drawings                        H A Murtz

16 The G/D 9mm handguns                                             D A Grennell + W Clapp

17 The G/D pistol smithing                                               J Mitchell

18 GUNSMITHING AT HOME lock stock and barrel       J E Traister

19 Firearms past and present                                          Luggs

20 Famous pistols and handguns                                    A J R Cormack

21 Encyclopaedia of rifles and handguns                        S Connolly

22 Pistols and revolvers                                                   Maj F Myatt

23 Illustrated encyclopaedia of firearms                           I V Hogg

24 Bolt action rifles                                                           F de Haas

25 Cartridges of the world                                                F C Barnes

26 The cartridge guide                                                      I V Hogg

27 Small arm shooting and ballistics                                W A Hundt

28 Gun collectors digest                                                   J J Schroedrer

29 Pistols and revolvers                                                   Smith

30 Small arms of the world                                              Smith + Smith

31 The G/D modern gun values                                                           

32 Antique guns                                                               J E Traister

33 Guns guns guns                                                          D Pope

34 The great guns                                                            Peterson + Elman

35 Guns told in pictures                                                    Moore

36 Illustrated book of pistols                                             Frederick Wilkinson

37 Cape gunsmith                                                            B M Berkovitch

38 Early percussion firearms                                            L Winant

39 Jane’s guns recognition guide                                     I Hogg + R Adam

40 Gun owners guide                                                       G Gore

41 Standard directory of proof marks                               G Winsberger + Steindler

42 Official guide to gunmarks                                           R H Balderson

43 Modern + antique firearms                                           R H Balderson

44 Price guide for collector handguns                               R H Balderson

45 Gough Thomas gun book                                             G T GARWOOD

46 Shotguns and shooting                                                 McIntosh

47 Shotgunning the art and science                                  Brister

48 Gunsmithing shotguns                                                  Sweeney

49 G/D shotgun gunsmithing                                             R T Walker

50 Sporting clays                                                               J LEWIS + S COMUS

51 Small arms of the world                                                Ezell

52 Revolver lexicon                                                           H P Muster

53 Speer reloading manual

54 Lyman reloading manual

55 Game and hunting                                                        K G Bluchel

56 Kennis vir die jagter                                                      H Jonker

57 The right to bear arms                                                  J Karl

58 Lock stock +barrel                                                        C S Adams + R S Braden

59 Browning sporting arms of distinction                           M Eastman

60 The world of Beretta                                                     R L Wilson

61 Colt an American Legend                                             R L Wilson

62 The world of Russian small arms & ammo                   Charlie Cutshaw

63 Shotgun Technicana                                                     McIntosh and Trevallion

64 The Luger handbook                                                     Aarron Davis

65 The Greener story                                                         Graham Greener

66 The art of the rifle                                                          Jeff Cooper

67 To ride, shoot straight and speak the truth                   Jeff Cooper ??????????????????

68 Modern rifles, shotguns and pistols                               Ian V Hogg

69 Guns                                                                              Logan Thompson

70 Modern handguns                                                         Robert Adam

71 Sniper                                                                           Peter Brookesmith

72 Shooting to live                                                             WE Fairbrairn + EA Sykes

73 Bullseyes don’t shoot back                                         Col. Rex Applegate + Michael D Janich

74Collectors guide to military rifles                                                                                               

75 US Military match and markman                                  Bill Jenkins

76 Browning high power automatic                                   R Blake Stevens

77 World encyclopedia Pistols, Revolvers                       

      and Sub Machine guns                                               W Fowler, A North, C Stronge                                                      

78 Gunsmithing pistols + revolvers                                   Patrick SweeneyThe 

79 The A-Z dir. of Revolvers, Pistols +Sub Mach Guns    W Fowler, A North + C Stronge           

80 Star firearms                                                                 Leonardo M Antaris

81 Pistols of the world                                                       Ian V Hogg and John Weeks

82 International Prac Shooting Conferderation                 14th Edition 2000

83 Geillustreerde encyclopedie - Antieke wapens            AE Hartink

84 Mauser Pistolen                                                           Weaver, Speed + Schmid  

85 Guns, Pistols, Revolvers                                              H Muller

86 Illustrated guide to Handguns                                      Jan Suermondt

87 Beretta catalog                                                                                                  

88 1997 Remington catalog                                                              

89 2008 Ruger catalog                                                                     

90 Vektor SP1 catalog                                                                               

91 Small Arms Profile - Astra pistols and revolvers                             

92 Guns illustrated 1984                                                   edited by Harold A Murtz  

93 Guns of the old West                                                   Jeff Cooper 

94 Fighting handguns                                                       Jeff Cooper

95 Handguns afield                                                           Jeff Cooper

96 Guns a visual history                                                    Chris McNab

97 Shotguns and Gunsmiths                                             Geoffrey Boothroyd

98 Automatic and repeating shotguns                               Richard Arnold

99 Illustrated catalog of Handguns                                    David Muller

100 Greenhill Mil. Man. Small arms Pistols and rifles       Ian V Hogg

101 George Nonte’s Combat Handguns                           edited by Edward C Ezell

102 Small arms Concise history of their development      A J R Cormack

103 Shooter’s Bible 1994 edition                                     

104 Handguns 2005  17th edition                                                 

105 Modern firearms                                                         Y Cadiou + A Richard   

106 Responsible safe and lawful use of firearms              E L Middleton + J M vd Berg

107 The complete Machine-gun 1885 to the present        Ian V Hogg

108 Accurizing the factory rifle                                          M L MacPherson 

109 Firearms and you                                                       S A J Cassim

110 Shooting back                                                            Charl Van Wyk

111 G/D Tactical Weapons assembly/disassembly          J B Wood